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Digitally managing agreements with advanced & verifiable signing tools.
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Internal & External Engagement

Techsign Doc is an open digital signing gateway. Beyond the internal agreement management of organizations, signatures can easily be requested from external parties. Those who receive agreements do not need to be users of the platform or download any application. Signing process can be completed safely and quickly from any browsers on personal devices.

Exclusive Service Opportunity

Techsign Doc's agreement management platform creates business development opportunities especially for law firms. In addition to the privilege of providing their services online, advanced attorney services can be provided with secure, fast and legally binding signing methods so that firm can obtain remote customers, provide customer-specific services or offer VIP services. With reduced average agreement completion times, the freedom to sue digitally, the signature being suitable for verification and fraud detection, and agreement workflow management accessible to external and internal parties makes law departments privileged and stronger than ever before. In addition to extended services, data-driven optimization of circulating agreements provides an opportunity for efficiency planning for law departments.

Techsign Doc aims to give member enterprises a significant strategic advantage. Member companies can open agreement management services to their partners & customers and have the ability to establish their own digital agreement networks. It can be offered as a loyalty program or as a service. For real time use cases and more details, please contact us.

Legally Binding Biometric Signature

Biometric signature is an authentication method that uses the dynamics of a person's handwritten signature. The pressure and duration of the signing process, which is done with a stylus on a touchscreen or digital-based pen tablet, is recorded as an algorithm that is compared against future signatures. Techsign DOC collects biometric information from the device and encodes it according to the ISO/IEC 19794-7 standard. This guarantees its future expert valuation, regardless of technological evolution, making it secure & eligible to use for enterprise and even for government level agreements.